BC History Talks

The following is a current list of the  pictorial presentations about British Columbia history I give:

  • The Fort at Yorke Island, 1937—1945: a look at the WWII fort constructed on a small isolated island and the military personnel stationed there.
  • It’s a Maritime War—the boats and men that protected BC’s coast and beyond during WWII.
  • The Nootka Crisis -The events that led up to the Crisis, a struggle between Spain and Britain for territorial rights at Nootka Sound, highlighting such scoundrels as the opportunist John Meares who precipitated the incident, and Captain George Vancouver’s visit of 1792 with Spanish Captain Juan Francisco de Bodega y Quadra.  At this historic meeting, commemorated in recent years by a beautiful stained glass window in the church at Friendly Cove, the two captains attempted to resolve their countries’ territorial dispute. The presentation will include a discussion about the important role played by the Mowachaht, whose territory was at the centre of this dispute and the relationship between successive European captains and the powerful Mowachaht Chief Maquinna.
  • Naming the Named: the surveying, mapping and naming of British Columbia’s coast from Captain George Vancouver and the Spanish Captains Quadra, Galiano and Valdes in 1792, to Captain George Richards in 1860.
  • The History of Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre
  • Esquimalt During World War I